All courses in this category are in ENGLISH language.

Janice's practice course

I'm re-doing the Moodle Teaching Basics course and any others I can find that will help me go deeper into Moodle, and learn the specific tools.  This is my sandbox (practice) course.

Social Media EN

This short course aims to help you generate some useful social media concepts and content that fits your program, and helps your listeners engage more with your station.

Radio 101 Online EN

Welcome to the online version of the Radio 101 training for announcers. This course is for announcers who are new to radio, or those who have not yet done training.  Biblical principles for communication, tools for program preparation, good quality voice-work on air….and lots of practice right at your station – it’s all here!

Learning online

This is the first course for all students who register to use the Online Radio Training School.

This short course will provide tips to help you succeed at online learning. It will help you prepare the apps and permissions needed on your device so you can complete the Radio 101 course.

NOTE: You can study this course away from the station.